Benefits To Online Learning

Several years ago, I begin the adventure of web-based learning. As a mother with small children, I was eager complete my college degree. However due to the demands of my duties as a wife and mother, I was determined to find a way that would create the least interruption to the needs of my family. Online education allowed me to finish the last 12 classes thus completing my university studies, all during the sleeping hours of my small children. It opened doors that years earlier would have been impossible without extreme inconvenience to my growing family. During that time, I was introduced to a K-12 public virtual school. We decided to enroll our oldest kindergarten-aged son for only one year during a tumultuous period in our family life. At first, this learning situation was difficult as it required a lifestyle change for our family and some creative thinking on my traditionally educated mind. However, in a short period of time we were all enjoying the experience. What started as a temporary experience has turned into ten years of virtually educating my four children, with that oldest child mid-way through high school. Our motivation for continuing this style of education has changed throughout the years as the benefits multiplied.

As there are many benefits from educating our children virtual, today I’ll just list three. The first benefit we saw was a flexible family schedule as this style of education allowed for us to travel during “off-peek” times. Online education is more portable making it possible to enjoy more time together as a family and/or relatives.

Next, is the ability for children to have more free-time to purse personal passions. Anywhere from music, dance, math, engineering and even doing a bit more bird watching. Instead of waiting in lines, long school transportation times or waiting until the bell rings, virtual students can quickly move to things they really love which gives them more time to explore topics of their own choosing. I have been amazed how my children have flourished with a little extra playtime as well as extra practice time.

Finally as a compliment to the previous benefit, virtually schooled-children can spent the required time to grasp a subject. That time might be 15 minutes or 2 hours but it is done on their time schedule not their peers or the teacher’s scheduled time. This creates a completely customized education designed specifically to the needs of the child.

With many benefits of online education, be sure I’ll be following up with more points on this topic.


About parenteducationaladvocacy

Indepentant school choice options advocate that desires to assist teachers, parents and families to take an active roll in the education of children.
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