Online Education and the Struggling Student

Currently, my home state of Idaho is debating the effectiveness of virtual education. There have been many who have expressed concerns that online education will limit opportunities for struggling students. However, with my own experience using online education, I believe this idea to be erroneous. Online education is engaging for students and many students who feel frustrated with the idea of time controlled classrooms find the idea to work at their own pace liberating. Today, as I was reading an excellent blog piece entitled, “My Take on Technology and Teaching” posted by Bill Gates on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation blog, I came across a comment by a person named, philipkovacs who writes:

“Mr. Gates I am a vocal opponent of much of what you do, but I suspect what you do is a result of advisers who are stuck in the 19th century. In response to this question, can tech help, however, I am 100% on your side. Last year we worked with 15 at risk students using web 2.0 to help them with literacy skills. When we compared our experimental group to the control group, the results were astounding. Using the state mandated STAR 9 as a pre and post test, the control group improved by 10%…the experimental group improved by 59%! Those are staggering results. We are scaling the program up to 400 students this fall.”

I find these comments encourage much of my own findings with virtual education. Perhaps the students who need this sort of education the most are the very learners that others are so fearful will fail with its usage. I invite to you read the article in its entirety at the link below. Additionally, I challenge teachers everywhere to adapt online education for those students who frequently struggle with education thus to dispute the myth and fulfill Bill Gates’ vision, ” …I think young people will be much more excited about learning, more will succeed in school and learning will become a lifelong pursuit that everyone has greater access to.”


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Indepentant school choice options advocate that desires to assist teachers, parents and families to take an active roll in the education of children.
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