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“5 Top Myths on Online Education” – to

“5 Top Myths on Online Education” – to go along with my debunking 🙂 Advertisements

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Fun Games to Mastery

Fun Games to Mastering Spelling Getting children engaged in learning is half the battle to holding their interest in gaining more knowledge. When we find fun ways to help them learn, children are more apt to enjoy the process and … Continue reading

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Debunking Virtual Education Myths – #1 continued

Debunking Virtual Education Myths – #1 continued The following video shows how students use textbooks, worksheets and manipulative tools in conjunction with computers. Virtual education can be more involved in subjects like math and science. Using a technology device can … Continue reading

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Personalized Learning Experience

Education Week Webinar Giving students personalized learning experiences is crucial to improving education, and the use of digital tools can make it easier and less time-consuming for teachers to accomplish this. In this webinar you’ll learn the top 10 tips … Continue reading

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Debunking the Virtual Education Myths #1

I am going to begin posting a series of videos that debunk virtual schooling myths that I hear from the general population. Today’s myth covers a topic I heard recently; that virtual students don’t use books, papers or textbooks as … Continue reading

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