The History of Education

The History of Education

Taking a look at history, the education delivery within traditional classroom model hasn’t changed that much over the last ninety plus years. However with the assistance of technology and education revolutionaries, like Khan Academy, the industry is about to become increasingly more customized for each individual student.

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Classroom Revolutionaries

Classroom Revolutionaries

This is a great article on the top education revolutionaries in the country. It gives great resources on what is available to students both k-12 and higher Ed. Also, some great ideas for teacher development in education technology areas.

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Benefits of Early Foreign Language Students

Utah Duel Immersion

You have probably heard how learning a second language is easier for young children, but in some recent observations I conclude that learning foreign languages at a young age assists in retention of all learning.  This year, three of my children 2nd, 5th and 8th grades, are using a foreign language software in addition to their other course material.  We have German, Spanish and Italian words floating around our household at the moment.  It has been fun to witness the excitement that learning a foreign language can create in gaining a deeper understanding of other cultures and history as well as a desire to better grasp geography.  Language provides a natural desire to peak a child’s interest to expand their educational environment.  It helps them also have an interest to understand their first language as well as increases their retention of all information they absorb. The link below is a great resource as to many more advantages that I’ve witnessed personal in my home.

Also parents should encourage their local schools to include a 2nd language curriculum into their children’s school. As Utah’s duel immersion program is one of the most rigorous implementation with the use of a 2nd language immersion it is a great study to the benefits and is has expectations to be a benefit to their students.


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“5 Top Myths on Online Education” – to

“5 Top Myths on Online Education” – to go along with my debunking 🙂

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Fun Games to Mastery

Fun Games to Mastering Spelling
Getting children engaged in learning is half the battle to holding their interest in gaining more knowledge. When we find fun ways to help them learn, children are more apt to enjoy the process and eventually master skills. This video shows a game that can be used for children to gain mastery with spelling. However, it can be used for almost any skill that needs improvement such as learning math facts.

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Debunking Virtual Education Myths – #1 continued

Debunking Virtual Education Myths – #1 continued
The following video shows how students use textbooks, worksheets and manipulative tools in conjunction with computers. Virtual education can be more involved in subjects like math and science. Using a technology device can help to hold the student’s attention and desire to learn difficult concepts. Many concepts are taught in lecture forms like traditional schools, in addition to these students have access to fun games that help reinforce learning. Virtual students learn from the computer, out of text-books, complete worksheets and use manipulative tools for a “hands-on” experience. An advantage to virtual learning is the ability to re-play lectures as some students need the information repeated several times before grasping an approach. Also, computers can teach basic concepts while teachers can focus their efforts pin-pointing trouble areas for students. Virtual learning allow each individual student to work at their own pace, whether ahead or behind of grade level.

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Personalized Learning Experience

Education Week Webinar
Giving students personalized learning experiences is crucial to improving education, and the use of digital tools can make it easier and less time-consuming for teachers to accomplish this. In this webinar you’ll learn the top 10 tips on how to give students access to information in the way that best suits them. The presenters will also share examples of digital aids, websites, and apps, and explain how automated data collection can help teachers discover student strengths and weaknesses that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.”

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